Saturday, September 20, 2014

White Elegance- Custom done

Hello there! Blogging after a real long time. Things have been busy hectic and chaotic for me. Well they normally are that way. :D But anyways its been pretty long since I posted my art here so I have a lot to share with you guys. Most of you who are with me on facebook might have seen these pieces posted there but here you get a more detailed look at my progress paintings and more insights. Here's an in depth peek at a painting I made.

A good friend of mine wanted something done for her new home in London and she sent me a picture of the wall she wanted to place it on. After discussing a few color schemes and ideas, we decided to go with these white flowers.


That's the finished painting. I decided to keep the background as dark as possible with several layers of glazing to get the color depth right. Wanted to bring out the whites of the flowers and highlight the sunlight falling on the petals.

Thankyou so much Monali for giving me this great opportunity to make something for you. Loved the whole process and it was a great feeling to see them hanging in your home. Thanks for the pics! :-)

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Have a great weekend :)

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